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Reflex Direct Contact (DC) Slalom Binding, with SuperShell

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The Reflex SuperShell 8DC is changing the world of water ski Hardshells. It’s the first hardshell binding system with no plate. The DC version allows having the hardshell directly in contact with the ski. It improves the connection, the responsiveness, and also feeling of the skier.

The release mechanism 930 DC is screwed in the inserts of the ski thanks to a new design set-up.

The new DC front toe cup is also screwed directly in the inserts of the ski. The new shape of the toe cup is more aero and hydrodynamic than the standard version with the plate. Inside the front toe cup there is an anti-slick and anti-vibration rubber used in the aerospace industry. This rubber will be in contact with the boot to improve the connection and the experience of skiing.

Less material, less weight.