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Mistral Coral 10'5 SUP Package

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A complete ready to Go-SUP package. The highly colourful Mistral Coral takes inspiration from tropical reefs. The Coral is the ultimate family board. Incorporates a printed EVA non slip deck, nose scuff pad towing D-ring, rear D-Ring leash point, single universal fin box and moulded side bite fins. The Coral is nimble and stable. Includes adjustable reef print on polycarbonate blade and a carbon composite shaft, dual action pump, fin, coiled leash, repair kit and wheeled travel bag. Incorporates advanced 4.75” / 12cm deck to hull DSFL material which provides some unique convenience and performance features.

The Mistral Coral 10’5 x 31” x 4.75” (320cm x 79cm x 12cm) x 240L inflatable SUP offers nimble paddling and stability and suits novice paddlers. With 240L the Coral can support riders optimally to around 80kg.


Double Skin Fusion Layer (DSFL) Technology Drop Stitch Fabric. Uses 13,600 stitches per inch over the usual 12,000 making the board stiffer for no added weight gain. SUP board consists of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) woven polyester drop stitch construction. Non-slip material is composed of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam. Contact adhesive consisting of poly-chloroprene polymers.

Elastic bungee cord composed of both natural and manufactured rubber, poly carbonate fin-box, stainless steel retainers. Polycarbonate paddle blade and aluminium shaft.

The Coral is 4.74” / 12cm deck to hull in thickness, providing unique advantages over 6” / 15cm thick boards, namely; your centre of gravity is lowered improving your ability to balance, windage is lowered making the board more manageable in winds, the board is less ‘corky’ on account of lowered volume and reduced height above the water, inflation and deflation time is reduced, folding time is reduced and easier, a light board is made possible, stowage volume is reduced and less material is used in the manufacturing. 

Avoid storing in direct high UV sunlight to prolong material longevity. Rinse with fresh water to evacuate all salt crystals. When dry, store in dry, well ventilated place avoid humid heat sources.

Developed and tested by our design team in Holland and the UK. Components have been tested to ensure they meet nominal expectations of performance within reasonable expectations of form, function and budget.