The members of the SKIBOSS family are, as the name suggests, related to each other, in addition they are all active water skiers. Together, they have collected around 60 medals from various Swedish Championships.

Daniel Gravander

The team's most successful skier. On the merit list are several gold medals from the Swedish Championships. Daniel has also represented Sweden at several international championships.

Emmy Björk
Youngest in the team. In 2021, she made her debut in the U-14 class and managed to take home a National Championship medal in tricks and regional championship medals in tricks, slalom and team.

Ida Björk
The team's trick specialist. The main merit is a Swedish Championship gold in the U14 class 2019, but in the prize collection there are also some other Swedish Championship medals.

Micael Björk
Now days, he is primarily a team leader. Father of Emmy and Ida, brother of Daniel. He himself claims that his biggest victory is that he is still able to train and compete. To the great joy of the family, he has sold his jump skis.